About the VBSL

The Virginia Beach Swim League (VBSL) was formed to enable the recreational pools of Southeastern Hampton Roads to participate in the team sport of competitive swimming.  The VBSL continues to be a solid force in the development of swimming in the area during the summer seasons.

The VBSL is open to swimmers of all abilities who meet the basic eligibility requirements.  The goal of the VBSL is to provide a climate of friendly competition where children (through age 18) can develop a love for the sport of swimming, improve their swimming skills, and learn the principles of good sportsmanship.  The VBSL encourages participation and emphasizes that all swimmers, including those affiliated with USA Swimming programs, participate in the practices and activities of their VBSL summer league teams.

There is a link to the left with a map showing our Team Locations. On the Team Location map you will see links to the individual Team Pages where you can view specific information about a particular swim team.  The Team Pages also have information for the Team Representative(s) who can be contacted if you desire more details about a specific team.